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2 weeks sailing training to Gocek, Kaş, Kalkan w/STM - High

Saturday 29 June 2024 - Friday 12 July 2024
2 weeks sailing :
: Datca - Cairos Marina - Seas the Moment :
: Wesley Bonderonko

2 weeks Sailing training trip to Gocek, Ekincik, Kapı creek, Hamam bay, Fethiye, Gemiler Island, Soğuksu, Kaş, Kalkan, Kekova

We invite you to join Gocek - Fethiye Gulf, Kas, Kalkan sailing training tour and explore the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. The shoreline of the Fethiye gulf is dotted with hundreds of bays, coves and harbours; making it a truly unique place to visit. This allows us to visit a different bay every evening, taking in the breath-taking scenery and relaxing in tranquil fjords. Experience the Lycian, Byzantine and Roman ancient ruins. View ancient underwater ruins of sunken city at Kekova.
Vacation aboard our IYT-certified training yachts, all the while learning the art of sailing and forging an unforgettable vacation experience. Once you successfully complete the training course, you will be awarded with an IYT certificate that will allow you to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. You can view the various IYT certificates we offer on our IYT License page.

BOZUKKALE :   Bozukkale is one of the preferred harbours for shelter from the prevailing winds. The water is very clear in this beautiful bay and there is no civilization. It has primitive restaurants that have to even bring water with boats and generate a couple of hours of electricity with generators. Ruins of an ancient castle can be seen from seaward, even before entering the bay. The castle walls are still standing, supported by massive rock-hewn bastions. .
KAPI CREEK: > Göcek has always catered for the independent visitor and, thankfully, its services are designed with a view to quality not quantity. The ambience is relaxed and unspoilt without a hint of mass-market tourism. Dramatic mountains, stunning beaches, cosmopolitan ports, rustic villages and the wonderful islands of the gulf all combine to provide a snapshot of the diversity. The entrance of the bay is very narrow, but once inside you will find a long bay surrounded by olive and pine trees. At the far end of the bay you will find some rock cut tombs and ruins. with superb walking trails, the nature reserves, historic ruins and fabulous beaches of the Dalian Delta
GEMILER ISLAND::  The island is rife in historical works of art and the church of St. Nicholas is located here, giving the island its other name, the Island of St.Nicholas. Although it has been recently suggested that the tomb of St.Nicholas might have been here, the accepted fact is that the tomb is in Myra. Surveys made by a Japanese team in 1990, located 11 churches in the area. Four of these are on Gemiler island, one of them is on Karacaören Island, while the others are near the village of Oludeniz and Karaören. Gemiler Island and its surrounding area, is seen as an important center for Christianity. The island is mostly rocky, therefore the churches are carved into stone and the ruins continue straight into the sea. 
KAS:  One may linger here for a long time. The town is located on the site of ancient Antiphellos, whose well preserved theater may be visited today. Ancient sarcophagi lie scattered about and there are numerous Lycian rock tombs in the cliffs. It is a beatifull town with an ambiance of its own. It is hard to just have to feel it for yourself!
KALKAN: Kalkan is a harbour village set in the heart of the old Lycian region. It is relatively cosmopolitan, with wonderful restaurants and great places to stay. The Taurus Mountains – home to the nearby rural escape of Islamlar – provide a stunning backdrop, whilst the views across the bay are remarkable. This beautiful and sophisticated bougainvillea-covered harbour town is set in a breathtaking landscape in the heart of the old Lycian region. 
PALAMUTBÜKÜ: The village of Palamutbuku is now popular for its delicious almond and olive trees, instead of a certain type of oak, after which the bay is named. The village is adorned with a lengthy sand beach and delicious fish restuarants, all complimented by olive trees and thick pine forests. It is beautiful bay that Participants in the tour boats or yacht cannot pass without stopping, enjoy the fish restaurants. Naked slope of the hills which meets the sea, a beautiful long sandy beach, village houses and pensions amongst the trees along beach, summer houses, a harbor with fishing boats and yachts makes a beautiful buku (bay).

Spaces left for this event: 3
Please choose your training type below. You can also add other options below. For a Bareboat Skipper course, you should have a Flotilla Skipper Licence otherwise you need to take a 2 weeks course.
Please choose your training type below. You can also add other options below. For a Bareboat Skipper course, you should have a Flotilla Skipper Licence otherwise you need to take a 2 weeks course.
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